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Dear colleagues:
It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the III International Workshop "Thermal Methods for Enhanced Oil Recovery: Laboratory Testing, Simulation and Oilfields Applications", ThEOR2018, which will be held in Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, China, on October 15-19.
As the petroleum industry adapts to a new status, low oil prices and increasing demand for energy, there continues to be a need of advanced technologies, allowing to improve the efficiency and profitability of oil fields development.
ThEOR2018 aims to bring together key researchers and professionals from the industry, R&D centers and academic institutes to share experiences, perspectives, insights and the latest developments in thermal methods for EOR. The workshop’s program contains one day training courses and three days of plenary and key-note lectures, technical and poster sessions on cutting edge issues related to petroleum industry. At the same time we try to keep the balance between traditional and emerging fields, fundamentals and applications, modeling and experiment, academic interests and industry needs.
The Workshop will be held in Southwest Petroleum University due to the fact that SWPU has a great experience cumulated in the area of developing the hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves.

Prof. Jinzhou Zhao

Chairman of ThEOR2018

On behalf of Organizing and International Committees


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