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Oct. 15

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Oct. 16

Plenary and key-note lectures

Oct. 17

Plenary and key-note lectures

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Training Courses

15 October 2018

Instructor: Alex Turta


This one-day course introduces: Gravity-Stable, Toe-to-Heel Oil Displacement, Applications to Heavy Oil Waterflooding, Steamdrive and Fireflooding.

Topics include

·         Long-distance and short-distance oil displacement (LDOD and SDOD) methods

·         THAI Process and its upgrading potential (laboratory, simulation and extensive field piloting). A parallel THAI-SAGD, as SAGD is another SDOD method.

·         Steam drive in a toe-to-heel (TTH) configuration; improvement by adding solvent. Its limitations as compared to THAI. Lab tests and some simulations. Why no field tests, so far?

·         Toe-to-Heel Waterflooding (TTHW). Details on laboratory tests and simulations. Results of limited field testing (2 field tests; USA and Canada)

·         Merits and limits of gravity-stable, TTH oil displacement methods

·         Further possible developments


Plenary lectures

Prof. Qi Jiang
Southwest Petroleum University, China
Improve Efficiency for Thermal Heavy Oil-Recovery Opportunities and Challenges 
Dr. Hongzhuang Wang
Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, China
title will be announced later 
Prof. Ian D. Gates
Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada
"Design of Thermal Recovery Processes Minimizing Emissions and Maximizing Energy Efficiency" 
Dr. Vural Sander Suicmez
Maersk Oil and Gas AS, Editor-in Chief of the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Denmark
"EOR: Past, Present and Future" 
Dr. Birol Dindoruk
Shell International E&P, Editor-in Chief of the Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, USA
"Properties of Heavy Hydrocarbons/Oils & What You Need to Know for Recovery Processes" 
Prof. Erling Stenby
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
"Compositional Modeling for Thermal EOR Simulation" 

Key-note lectures

Prof. Jorge Ancheyta
Mexican Institute of Petroleum
"Upgrading of Heavy and Extra-Heavy Petroleum by Moderate Hydrotreating"‍ 
Dr. Alex Turta
A T EOR Consulting Inc., Canada
"Field Testing of the THAI Process: Current Status" (honorable lecture) 
Prof. Mustafa Versan Kok
Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Dr. Claude Gadelle
Xytel Inc., USA
"How to improve efficiency of thermal methods for oil recovery?" (honorable lecture) 
Prof. Pedro Pereira Almao
University of Calgary, Canada
"Experimental in Core Evidences and numerical simulation of Nano-Catalysts Dispersion and Hot Fluids Penetration Within Narrow Pores at conditions of In Situ Upgrading for Oil Sands and Carbonate Reservoirs" 
Prof. Sudarshan Mehta and Prof. Robert Gordon Moore
University of Calgary, Canada
"Keys to the Design and Field Implementation of Successful Air Injection-Based EOR Processes for Heavy-and Light-Oil Reservoirs" 
Dr. Mikhail Varfolomeev and Prof. Danis Nurgaliev
Kazan Federal University, Russia
"Catalytic In-situ Oil Upgrading for Heavy Oil Recovery: Advantages and Problems" 
Prof. Wanfen Pu
Southwest Petroleum University, China
title will be announced later 
Dr. Jingjun Pan
Research Institute of Engineering Technology of Xinjiang Oilfield, China
title will be announced later 
Prof. Qiang Song
Tsinghua University, China
Coke Formation during Thermal Conversion of Heavy Oil 
Prof. Fanhua Zeng
University of Regina, Canada
title will be announced later 
Dr. Alexey Cheremisin
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia
"Thermochemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods for Unconventional Reservoirs" 
Prof. Tayfun Babadagli
University of Alberta, Canada
"Myths and Facts about EOR and Getting Ready for New Challenges Ahead of Us" 
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